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TAAF began as a way for people of diverse backgrounds and objectives to work together on solving problems. As a not-for-profit organization TAAF is dedicated to supporting individuals and organizations that seek to overcome polarizing viewpoints and find common ground for the good of the larger community.

The two Teton Valleys of Idaho and Wyoming are among the fastest growing and most environmentally sensitive areas in the Nation. This combination can produce dramatic and seemingly intractable differences of opinion in how to manage growth and the overall health of the communities. Understanding other viewpoints and fInding common ground is not always easy but it is always easier when there is an effort to communicate and explore alternatives. TAAF's misson is to help this process unfold.

announcement 12-12-13

Natural Resources Advisory Forum IV - Results

6:00 PM December 12, 2013

The fourth forum in the series was held on Decmeber 12, 2013 and used electronic polling to guage the audience response to different treatment options in Teton Canyon. The options for specific locations are descibed with maps and treatment details in a pdf document which you can download from this link, Teton_Canyon-Management_Options_from_Collaborative_Input.pdf

The electronic pollong results along with comments for each option are deatiled in a word document at this link, TetonCanyonForum121213Notes.docx . These two documents provide a good summary of what has been developed from the discussions and field trips over the past year.

An additional topic, dispersed campimg, was previewed but deemed to be worthy of a seperate discussion since it is a substantially different topic from fuels treatment and may engage different stakeholders and interest groups. TAAF is currently in discussions with the Forest Service and County Commissioners to identify next steps. Links that describe the previous series of forums are provided below.

The third Forum on August 21, 2013 built upon the July field trips to gain public input on the best management options for a healthy Teton Canyon. Questions posed at the first 2 forums were answered and participants began exploring specific strategies for reducing fuel loads and improving safety, recreation, and wildlife habitat. For those of you whop have been unable to participate in these public forums a "virtual field trip via video"and written documentation of the meeting results are provided below.

August 21, 2013 Meeting Notes

  • July 17 2013_Take_Home_Packet.pdf

    July 17 2013 TAAF Field Trip Notes.docx

    July_17 2013 Evening Meeting Agenda.docx

    Recreation in Teton Canyon.pdf


    Teton Cyn wildlife slides.pdf

    The first Forum, held on May 22, 2013 focused on what people value about Teton Canyon (click here to see a summary).


    VIDEO SUMMARIES - Map locations indicate the July Field Trips locations

    Teton Canyon Map



















    Introduction - Jay Pence

    Videos for location A (back to map)


    Videos for location B (back to map)


     Video for location C (back to map)


    Videos for location D (back to map)

    Videos for location E (back to map)



    VideosConclusion (back to map)



    Please share this site with individuals in the community that you feel would like to participate .    TAAF is sponsoring these Forums to proivde community  input to the two Teton County Commissions regarding the Targhee National Forest’s management of the Teton Canyon area. All are welcome to participate

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