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Wydaho Forum - Oct. 27, 2007

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The two Teton Counties of Wyoming and Idaho are connected in ways that extend far beyond roadways and telephone lines.  The future of this connected community depends on informed citizens participating in an open and energetic public dialog. To encourage this dialog the Teton Area Advisory Forum (TAAF) hosted a half day workshop on October 27, 2007, to address:

Frances VanHouten of RainMaker Coaching lead the workshop that began with an overview of the processes elected officials follow in making public policy. The next pahse identified topics that were most important to participants.  Working in both small table top groups and as a whole, the most important objective was to identify ways to get involved. The discussion covered the following topics:

This workshop builds upon a Community Forum held in January, 2001 that resulted in many ideas for improving the public infrastructure of the two valleys. Some of these ideas have been put into practice and others have not.  The rate of development has also changed dramatically in the past 6 years and the challenges are larger than anticipated in 2001. The basic facts remain unchanged, however, and an engaged and informed community is the best way to help our elected representatives find the best solutions.  

Summary of Comments and Consclusions from the Workshop

What do you like and want to see continue happening?

  • Two valley conversations
  • Regional transportation planning
  • Open meetings at times when working people can go, then mail information to those who do go.
  • More information on Silverstars TV station
  • Expand existing infrastructure (START, Pathways)
  • Continue dialogue- Provide more facts, cost, and timeline.
  • Review options-do nothing, plan A or plan B
  • Brain storming
  • See other ideas similar to my concerns
  • Education for the public
  • Continue to move forward in accordance with suggestions in Housing Study

What would you like to see changed or upgraded?

  • More funding for the exec. Director of Housing Authority
  • Mitigations required in county ordinances
  • Incentives offered
  • Educate public about the need to supplement the market approach
  • Get more Jane and John Q. Publics involved in housing efforts
  • Public meetings not to long, so working people can attend
  • More commonality in the Teton Counties for transportation services
  • More regional planning
  • More public transportation
  • Better safety on Teton Pass
  • Pathways for cyclists and pedestrians
  • More face to face meetings between the 2 counties and communities
  • More workshops and new media coverage on key issues
  • Park and Ride lots
  • ITD / WYDOT cooperation
  • A way to include the community with out adding political agendas
  • More frequent TAAF and community talks
  • Focus on ideas developed today
  • Effective methods for government talks: Victor, Driggs, Jackson, Teton County, ID & WY
  • Funding sources – strategy
  • Additional, more formal collaboration
  • WYDAHO thinking
  • Empirical data
  • A way to include the community without adding political agendas
  • Joint elected public meetings

How can an individual address these complexities?

  • Volunteer
  • Show up
  • Raise issues with friends and neighbors
  • Serve on something…participate/volunteer
  • Be brave ask questions
  • Have a vision of the future
  • Get informed
  • Give input
  • Vote
  • Write letters
  • Speak up
  • Pay more taxes for road maintenance and transportation
  • Ride public transport
  • Cycle more if roads are paved
  • Read the newspaper
  • Tune in to local ordinances and proposed change- ask for change
  • Testimony from locals who are impacted by housing costs
  • Encourage media to do in-depth coverage of housing issues
  • Ad campaigns (education)
  • Attend Housing Authority (ID) meetings
  • Avoid sensationalism/exaggeration
  • Run for office
  • Join steering committee (group)
  • Attend city/county meetings
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