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Growth Studies by MSU

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Teton Valley, Idaho
Land Use Change Forecasts and Analysis

Report to Teton Area Advisory Forum (TAAF), March 20, 2002
From Montana State University Team

Bruce Maxwell, Professor of Agroecology, Land Resources & Env. Science Department
Monica Brelsford, Res. Tech., Land Resources & Env. Science Department
Frank Dougher, GIS Tech., Land Resources & Env. Science Department
Kim Ernstrom, GIS Tech., Land Resources & Env. Science Department
Jerry Johnson, Professor of Political Science, Political Science Department
Richard Aspinall, Professor of Geography, GIAC

Teton County, Idaho was the fastest growing county in Idaho over the past 10 years according to the 2000 Census (Figure 1).  Growth projections indicate slower, but continued growth. The county’s rural landscape, small towns, surrounding wildlands, nearby ski resorts and associated service jobs are drawing people to the area.  In addition, rising costs of real estate in neighboring Jackson Hole, Wyoming, seems to be encouraging work force commuters from Teton Valley, Idaho.  Planning for residential growth and associated development is the subject of this report.

We studied a portion of the Teton Valley between and including Driggs and Victor.  The square study area was approximately 10 miles on a side and thus included federal lands on the east and west sides of the valley as well as privately owned lands in the valley bottom (Figure 2).

Download a copy of the 2002 report in Microsoft Word format.

Download a copy of an update to the report published in 2003 in Microsoft Word format.

The Yellowstone-Teton Region

As closely linked as Teton County, Idaho and Teton County, Wyoming are in spirit, they are separated by numerous jurisdictional and organizational boundaries. Because of this, the best solutions often require a regional approach that recognizes that people, wildlife, and economic interests are interwoven in ways that may transend political boundaries. TAAF strives to be a catalyst to generate wide ranging and objective dialog in search of the best possible future for the region.

regional growth projections

RATES, DRIVERS, AND ALTERNATIVE FUTURE SCENARIOS", Masters Thesis of Patricia Hernandez, Montana State University, April 2004.


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