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The purpose of TAAF is to assist regional communities in achieving:

diversity of opportunity in housing, employment, mobility, education, and recreation

conservation of natural assets including scenic vistas, wildlife, natural habitat, clean air and clean water

economic, agricultural and educational sustainability

land use that fosters security among citizens, retention of rural character, opportunity for future generations, and incentives for private land owners and residents to achieve these results

co-operation between governments (town, city, county, state, federal) to achieve economic, social and environmental balance and to foster collaboration and trust between citizens, elected officials, land managers, planners and interest groups

respect for the varied cultural traditions of residents and for the history of the area

a transportation system that facilitates the safe movement of people and goods and the delivery of services,  enhances the health and welfare of the population, promotes energy efficiency, is accessible and affordable, and reduces congestion and pollution

an environment where youth thrive

neighborhoods that are hospitable and functional

providing access to public lands and promoting the responsible stewardship of those lands

providing support services and respect for those in need in order to promote the health and welfare of the population

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