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Affordable Homes

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Community Diversity and Rising Real Estate Valuations

Affordable homes have long been known to be one of the most important issues facing both Teton Counties.  Because of this, TAAF is exploring how its members can help foster public dialog to address this problem. Greater public awareness and involvement can help the efforts of the newly formed Teton County Idaho Housing Authority as well as the established housing authority and housing trust in Teton County Wyoming.

Some of the topics under discussion include:

  • how to establish criteria for accessing affordable homes
  • seeking public involvement
  • housing trusts and authorities
  • accessing legal support
  • building capital (donations, bonds, exactions, grants)
  • developer involvement
  • defining the vision
  • staffing
  • which tools and/or models fit the Teton communities
  • relationship between housing and transportation

The links to the left provide some additional background on the issues that impact the effectiveness of any community effort to provide for affordable homes.

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