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Teton County 2020 Wins American Planning Association-Idaho "Community Outreach Award" for 2012

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Teton County 2020 - A Project To Get Citizens Involved in Planning

APA-I AwardThis award honors an individual, project, or program that uses information and education about the value of planning and how planning improves a community’s quality of life. It is intended to recognize how persons, projects, and programs involved new audiences in the planning process and engaged them through creative means. It should be noted that the award and TAAF’s sponsorship was not to promote the specific Comp Plan results, but to recognize the effort put forth in trying to engage people in the discussions.  Comp Plans in the West rarely result in Kumbaya moments or other manifestations of broad community cohesion, but sincere attempts to get everyone involved need to be recognized and that is why the APA chose Tetpn County 2020 for the award.

Angie Rutherford, Teton County Idaho Planning Administrator, accepts the 2012 Community Outreach award at the annual APA Idaho meetiing in Boisie, Idaho.


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TAAF sponsored a series of attention getting advertisements to help make people aware of Teton County's Planniing Outreach, and no, the plan ultimately did not result in weight loss - at least not yet.






Teton County 2020 - A Project To Get Citizens Involved in Planning

2020 flyerTeam 2020, led by Harmony Design & Engineering and working with Jorgenson and Associates, Intermountain Aquatics and AECOM, was the consultant team working with the community ih the process of producing a new comprehensive plan. 

 The Board of County Commissioners appointed five sub-committees and a core committee to assist the consultant and County staff in drafting the Comprehensive Plan.  The five sub-committees were formed based on the values the community identified as important during a public input process:  Natural Resources & Outdoor Recreation, Transportation, Economic Development, Community Events & Facilities and Agricultural & Rural Heritage. The sub-committees and core committee created the Community Vision Statement as follows:

Our Community Envisions a Sustainable Future for Teton County

We will strive to:

  • Establish a vibrant, diverse and stable economy.
  • Create and maintain a well connected, multi-modal network of transportation infrastructure to provide
    convenient and safe mobility for all residents, visitors and businesses.
  • Preserve natural resources and a healthy environment, which are essential for creating viable future
    economic and recreational opportunities for all users.
  • Contribute to our strong sense of community by providing quality facilities, services and activities to
    benefit the community.
  • Maintain, nurture and enhance the rural character and heritage of Teton Valley.

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